How ActiveCampaign drives impactful B2B leads

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 Since 2003, our goal of helping any business reach their customers has not changed; what’s changed is that email isn’t the only way to drive growth. We’ve introduced new channels, features, and ways of thinking about customer experience that help companies of all sizes scale, ActiveCampaign included. 

Today, ActiveCampaign is one of the largest users of the ActiveCampaign platform. Over 900 of our employees around the world use the same platform for different use cases every single day. Marketing drives awareness and nurtures leads across multiple channels and touchpoints, Sales prioritizes conversations so time and resources are well spent, and the Success and Support teams are there every step of the way to ensure our users are growing effectively. 

Where to start?

For B2B companies, there are so many ways to drive awareness and generate leads. At ActiveCampaign we utilize several channels to engage with new audiences and nurture leads along the wa… Read More

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