How brands can make their content brainstorms more effective

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Content Brainstorms are most effective when the meeting has a clearly articulated goal and is supported with detailed documentation
The best content brainstorms have clear rules of engagement that ensure everyone is able to contribute
How your meeting ends determines the level of follow-through on ideas generated

As is the case with many meetings, the success of your content brainstorm is partially determined before the session even begins.

The way that you prepare for and run your brainstorms not only impacts how many ideas can be generated, but it also impacts your team’s willingness to contribute in the meeting and—ultimately—the quality of the content ideas that you all come up with. 

Here are a few of the key things you can do as a brainstorm leader to give you the best chance at success when you next bring your team together to generate content ideas for your brand.

Set a brainstorm goal & clearly articulate it

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