How businesses can and should become influencers themselves

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Businesses aren’t using their social bubble to capitalize on their brand presence, this is indeed the most neglected discussion regarding influencer marketing
Influencer marketing is looked at as a cost center more than an ROI channel
Neal Schaffer, renowned industry figure and author of ‘The Age of Influence’ flips the perspective on influencer marketing and discusses how your business can be an influencer

Have you wondered how you can persuade more influencers to collaborate with your business? As more companies realize the potential that influencer marketing has for their business, they are investing more and seeking out more collaborations. Some influencers might respond to your company’s outreach, but many might not for various reasons.

Which brands are the ones that influencers want to work with? It’s not necessarily those who pay them the most money. After all, influencers want to build up a resume of the brands that they ha… Read More

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