How Email Autoresponders Can Improve Your Marketing

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Email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing, but it can also take up tons of time — unless you’re using email autoresponders. 

These are messages you can write ahead of time, effectively reaching your customers without interrupting a busy workflow. 

An email autoresponder is a message that’s triggered by a certain action, and chances are, you’re not using them to their full advantage. Here’s how you can use them to generate leads without lifting a finger. 

What is an email autoresponder in marketing?

In email marketing, autoresponders are messages sent out automatically after being triggered by a customer action. Email generates an average $36 return on every $1 spent, and autoresponders help you stay on top of it while leaving you time to run your business. 

Used correctly, an email autoresponder can boost your marketing efforts by allowing you to streamline your email marketi… Read More

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