How Focus Garden Cultivated Unprecedented Growth with SALESmanago



Focus Garden, the premier destination for high-quality garden furniture and supplies, cultivates success as meticulously as their customers cultivate their gardens. We’re proud to support the company in their digital journey, focused strategically overcoming challenges and setting new standards in customer engagement.


In less than a year, our collaborative efforts with Focus Garden have led to jaw-dropping results:


  • Achieving an astounding 6108% ROI, Focus Garden has set a new benchmark for investment returns.
  • With a 134% increase in total sales and a remarkable rise in transactions by 92%, it’s clear that our targeted strategies are resonating with customers.
  • The Average Order Value (AOV) has seen a substantial 16.88% growth over the year, a testament to the effectiveness of SALESmanago’s last-click attribution model.


Here’s what we did:


  • By introducing eye-catching pop-ups and active consent forms, we ensured that no visitor left without knowing about the latest deals, significantly increasing customer engagement.
  • We tackled the issue of lost sales with an effective abandoned cart campaign, successfully re-engaging customers who were on the fence.
  • With our email marketing and web push capabilities, Focus Garden has not only improved open and click-through rates but kept our community well-informed and engaged.


Download the Full Story


For more insights into how Focus Garden achieved these incredible results and to explore our future strategies, download the full case study here.


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