How our design team uses ActiveCampaign to onboard new hires

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At ActiveCampaign, we pride ourselves on offering the best support for users across our platform. That offer also extends to our own internal teams while we use the platform. Every employee receives amazing perks at ActiveCampaign, one of which is training in the platform, so we all understand how it works first-hand. We spend parts of our first two weeks onboarding and learning the different parts of the platform and the business so we are better prepared for our individual jobs. 

With a high volume of new hires comes the need for more formalized training and onboarding for departments. So everyone feels they are getting the most out of their time as new hires, our Design Team built out an automated, customized onboarding process within the ActiveCampaign platform to guide new hires through their first couple of weeks.

Based on feedback from design team employees that underwent the company-wide new hire training, there were some main themes identified that helped… Read More

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