How technology is changing the role of the CMO in 2021

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With more technology available than ever before, CMOs must bridge the gap between marketing and tech to forge connections with customers and reap success for their brands
44 percentage of B2B marketers say that digital fatigue is one of their biggest challenges of 2021 providing a challenge for many CMO’s trying to find ways to work with their teams to overcome the warp speed of digitization
The COVID-19 pandemic forced digital transformation to happen overnight, and consumers are now interacting with brands in different ways to leverage digital channels more than ever
By navigating and owning the increasingly digital, social, and ubiquitous customer experience, the CMOs of 2021 have a valuable opportunity to redefine their place in the C-suite and chart their own creative, yet informed path toward continued growth and innovation
CFA Institute’s CMO and Managing Director shares insights on the role of the CMO and how their functions are transforming in the … Read More

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