How to Choose the Right Colors and Fonts for Your Emails

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When it comes to email design, it’s easy to get carried away.

You want your message to stand out in the inbox and grab your audience’s attention, but there’s also the risk that you could be going overboard with the emails you create.

Consider these two email examples — which would you prefer to see in your inbox?

As you can see, sometimes a more subtle design will be the best choice for getting your message in front of your target audience.

And, when you use an email marketing service, you have access to professional email templates that handle the majority of the design work for you.

Should color and design be used in emails?

When it comes to email marketing, email design, colors, and fonts direct readers to the most important part of your message and guide them towards the action you want them to take. And, when an email template design is branded and consistent, it also gives the reader a visual cue as to who th… Read More

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