How to Create Content Effectively Even If You Have Nothing To Sell

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The content you create has to be intentional

You get that.

No arguments there.

If you’ve read my books the One Hour Content Plan and/or the Profitable Content System, you’re really clear on your content categories.

You know that creating content for the sake of filling your content calendar is a huge NO-NO…

You understand that content should sell.

Not in the promotional, sleazy, ‘go buy my thing’ way…

But in an educational way…where you take your audience through the customer journey…where you bring awareness to the problem, raise interest, right up to getting them convinced that you have the right solution for them.

You should be a content rockstar with these strategies at your fingertips!

If so, why then does it feel like you’re still stuck back in square one?

Well, because you’re in a situation where content’s all you have.

You do… Read More

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