How To Design a Multi-Channel Outbound Sales Campaign

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To stay relevant in today’s outbound sales environment you must go multi-channel.

The benefits of multi-channel sales outreach are widely recognized by top performers in the industry. In fact, multi-channel B2B campaigns see on average a 24% increase in ROI.

In this article, we’ll show you a multi-channel campaign we know that works.

We’ll leverage hyper-personalization and multiple communication channels (email, phone, social media) to maximize the best results.

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From email sequence to multi-channel. Get comfortable with traditional email campaigns first, then, the secret will be to add other communication steps in-between each email step.

The complete multi-channel sequence template. We’ll show you a 9-step formula we use at Amplemarket to achieve total campaign conversion above 1,5%.

Step 1: Start with a relevant, personalized, and timely first-touch email. Read this article to le… Read More

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