How to generate more leads from linkedin content

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Every day, many professionals post their thoughts on LinkedIn and generate loads of interactions. This implies that your target audience might be out there engaging with those LinkedIn posts.

With Amplemarket you can leverage the engagement with LinkedIn posts to build a personalized but scalable sales approach. This blog post walks you through the process – step by step.

Give it a try – success guaranteed!

Step 0: Setting the scene 🤓

All over the globe, sales teams using Amplemarket generate millions of data points from their sales outbound campaigns every day. From that data, our research unit concluded that a successful sales outbound approach uses this recipe:

Find a relevant audience
Craft a relevant message
Send at a relevant timing

The LinkedIn post approach described in this blog post is an excellent example of how to create an approach that respects these 3 variables and increases your sales performance.

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