How to Identify Customer Needs (With Info You Already Have)

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The world has changed and so have your customers:

Facebook ads aren’t converting as well as they used toTraffic from SEO is harder to keepInfluencer marketing is falling flatEmail opens and clicks seem lower than they did just six months ago

But how do you know what to offer your customers? What is it that they need that you can provide?

95 percent of business ideas fail because the business couldn’t agree on what a customer “need” even is, nevermind how to meet it. The first step in thriving as a customer-focused business is defining what customer needs are.

What are customer needs?

Customer needs are the set of circumstances, desires, habits, and anxieties that potential customers have before they consider purchasing from, or working with, your business.

When you understand customer needs, you know exactly what info will turn a potential customer into a paying customer. You know how to handle objections (about price, or quality… Read More

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