How To Integrate ActiveCampaign and FormKeep

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This post was contributed by David Kloba of FormKeep

A personalized message starts with collecting quality information. And most opportunities to get such information come from one of the most often used tools: forms.

Forms are one of the best ways to get input from your prospects and make connections with them. However, you have to make sure the time you spend in bringing the user to your website is aligned with the time spent in focusing on the user experience.

Complex and frustrating web forms often cause a negative experience and cause people not to come back. You have to keep your forms simple and easy to complete.

This is where FormKeep comes in.

Why FormKeep?

Forms allow website and online store visitors to get in contact with you. Capturing sales leads, order requests, support questions and mailing list email captures all happen through web forms. But what happens to that data after the customer clicks the submit … Read More

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