How to Protect Your Online Store, so You Don’t Lose Sales and Money

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Many customers today are choosing to shop online instead of the traditional brick and mortar shopping methods. This new trend, unfortunately, is also promoting a steady rise in online eCommerce transactions meaning more security violations from hackers.

You must protect your online store and customers against the many dangers posed by fraudsters and hackers.  Why? Because cybersecurity is a significant challenge with hackers penetrating even major online stores. And don’t expect cybercrime to diminish. Sobering fact: It is estimated that eCommerce security breaches losses will hit $6.4 billion by 2021. This highlights the importance of taking preventive measures if you are to keep your online store safe.

In one study,64% of a small business selling online said the internet had helped boost sales or revenues. But that also means you will have to protect your sales and money. But e-commerce security need not be such a daunting undertaking. It’s just … Read More

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