How to Send an Automated Happy Birthday Email

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I have a confession — I love shoes. 

I love them so much that I once received a handwritten note from a store for buying so many. 

I also love the yearly automated happy birthday email that my favorite shoe store sends.

It may be automated but it brightens my day and makes me feel special. 

And, it always has a coupon, which I happily use. 

Are you using automated happy birthday emails in your marketing efforts? 

Birthday emails delight your audience, improve loyalty and retention, and generate long-term business results.

If you’re diving into the world of email marketing automation, birthday emails are a great place to start because they are quick and easy to set up. 

How to send an automated happy birthday email to your subscribers

Sending an automated birthday email each year requires you to collect your contacts’ birthday information.

One option is… Read More

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