How to Uncover Timing and Budget When Generating New Leads

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When doing lead generation for outbound sales you know how critical it is to generate the right leads at the right time.

Sometimes, this is simply the difference between a harsh and a grateful response to a cold email like this:

“Hi, appreciate you reaching out and I’m certainly open to a conversation.”

Getting timing is not trivial. And because of that, most sales teams end up just focusing on the “right” lead.

Fortunately, our Data Analytics team is on the constant lookout for new ideas on how to perfect the lead generation process. Recently, they found how most sales teams can target the right leads with perfect timing, just with a simple and usually available filter.

And the best part is that all sales teams can use this without having to reframe the entire lead generation process to do it.

This is the type of cold approach that will get you a consistent 30% reply rate and will help you generate more qualified leads. … Read More

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