How To Write Follow Up Emails And Double Conversion Rates

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Follow-up emails are one of the most important things you can leverage when doing outbound sales.

Yet, most salespeople don’t realize it. Our data on 100,000+ cold email sequences shows that follow-up emails are responsible for almost 50% of the interested prospects in an outbound sales sequence.

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In other words, if you send one cold email, only half the people that are interested in your product will reply. That’s why successful salespeople have to be persistent – they will always be one step ahead of the game, just by following up.

In a nutshell, a great follow-up process helps any sales rep 2x their conversion rates!

In this article, we’ll show you a formula with concrete examples to help you create outstanding follow-up sequences.

Table of Contents:

General Guidelines to Writing a Great Follow-Up Sequence

The Formula
a. Follow-Up 1: Easier CTA… Read More

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