How will technology transform the fragile client/agency ecosystem?

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The client/agency ecosystem is profoundly being reshaped, effectively fueled by new technological advances across the partnership lifecycle
The cost of complexity, the need for more effective resource management and shared accountability is requiring a reengineering of obsolete operational processes
The agency world is restructuring, reinventing itself to provide more effective, agile, responsible capabilities that brands need to successfully compete and win in the marketplace

Apparently, you cannot be late if you arrive early. This lapalissade, inspired by the French nobleman Jacques de La Palice (1470 – 1525) known for his truisms, captures our insatiable need to anticipate the significant changes the advertising industry will experience as a result of rapid technological changes. No one wants to show up late during this dramatic change in the world’s economic playground or miscalculate what will become the new balance of power within the advertising eco… Read More

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