Insights from our online intimate discussion with Vinny O’Brien, top consultant to global fast fashion retailers.



In a bid to unlock the secrets behind skyrocketing sales and amplified conversions within the realm of fashion eCommerce, our recent webinar held under the auspices of Customer Experience Magazine, in partnership with SALESmanago, proved to be an enlightening rendezvous. The spotlight of the event was none other than Vinny O’Brien, the Group Strategy Director at TRC Solutions and a revered partner of ours, who graced us with his expertise and invaluable insights. Alongside him, Ashleigh Auld, our Partner Marketing Director, moderated the conversation with a myriad of questions that we see as daily challenges in eCommerce fast fashion growth.

The central theme of the webinar revolved around comprehending the essential engagement requisites for eCommerce businesses in the fashion sector. Vinny O’Brien took center stage to delve into this topic, emphasizing the significance of customer engagement as the emotional bridge between brands and customers. Vinny detailed the core engagement necessities, including content creation, personalized interactions, the pivotal role of automation, bridging resource gaps, and harnessing technology investments to bolster the industry’s innovation potential. He also spotlighted the concept of zero-party data and the integration of virtual changing rooms and try-on experiences as ways to boost consumer engagement and mitigate returns.

The subsequent discussion between Vinny and Ashleigh featured an enlightening Q&A session, addressing multifaceted strategies for successful customer engagement in the realm of fashion eCommerce. Addressing the growing emphasis on sustainability and ESG messaging, Vinny and Ashleigh navigated through the complexities, highlighting the importance of genuine sustainability plans and effective multi-channel strategies that resonate with customers. They explored the distinction between personalization and relevance in the eCommerce landscape, spotlighting the role of technology, such as virtual fashion, in enhancing customer experiences. The discussion delved into the interplay between relevancy and personalization in both online and offline settings.

The event wrapped up with a Q&A session where Vinny answered questions and gave advice based on what businesses needed. Vinny also summed up the most important things we all learned from the webinar: virtual changing rooms and try-on experiences as ways to boost consumer engagement and mitigate returns, growing emphasis on sustainability and ESG messaging and sustainability plans and effective multi-channel strategies.

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Watch the entire webinar here.


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