Integrate TrafficWave with Stripe

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Integrate TrafficWave with Stripe

Zapier lets you send info between TrafficWave and Stripe automatically—no code required.

When you get a new customer via Stripe, that new customer can be automatically added to your TrafficWave campaign for followup.

Quickly subscribe, unsubscribe, or edit your list members based on the action completed in your Stripe shopping cart. No need to manually enter or update subscribers. Integrating with Zapier makes it all happen automatically.

More and more users are using Zapier to automate list building, segment, followup, and targeting with no coding required.

In just a few minutes you can quickly integrate TrafficWave with Stripe to save time and give you more powerful tracking and segmenting features.

How + Stripe Integrations Work

Step 1: Authenticate and Stripe. (30 seconds)

Step 2: Pick one of the apps as a trigger, which will kick off your automation. (15 seconds)

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