Intelligent Design: The Key Differences Between UX, UI and Graphic Design

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The digital world has taken the concept of design and revolutionized it, creating a space where displays can change dynamically and enable users to interact with them in many ways. This has created entirely new disciplines of design and graphic design, traditionally dealing with static images, has become just one subset of design. UI and UX are schools of design which focus on user interaction, building functional digital environments that are also aesthetically delightful.

A Career For You?

The world of graphic design, UI and UX can provide a lifelong career that’s both professionally, personally and creatively fulfilling. In any one of these disciplines of design, you’ll be able to pursue your creative instincts, and often find a positive impact on your mental health through artistic output.

Further, these careers – particularly UX and UI – are increasingly taking place in an exclusively digital landscape. Career paths that focus on digital des… Read More

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