Is a Customer Engagement Platform just a new buzzword for CDP?

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A Customer Engagement Platform is much more than a Customer Data Platform, which you already know, and maybe even utilize. Its functions far exceed gathering and unifying data, and its empowering effect on the marketing teams is tremendous. In this article, we will explain the difference. 

To face the challenges of the current recession, marketers must rely heavily on technology that enables them to act lean and with tremendous precision and effectiveness. However, the martech landscape never stops producing new acronyms for next-gen products and systems. This only adds to the confusion. What is CEP? Is it just a new buzzword for CDP?

Modern marketers can easily find themselves constantly seeking the ideal martech stack setup and new tools—instead of focusing on customers. Some may assume that there is nothing new to the appearance of catchy new acronyms. This way of thinking is misleading. Martech is developing rapidly, and novel i… Read More

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