Jack Dorsey Introduces ‘Bluesky’ As A Twitter Alternative

Twitter Co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey developed a new app named ‘Bluesky‘ on Android that will serve as a substitute for the microblogging network that is owned by Elon Musk.

The app was initially released in 2019 as a side platform backed by Twitter, but in 2021 it broke away from Twitter. The Bluesky app was released for the iOS platform in February. Currently, to use the app, a user must have their name added to a waitlist or they have can enter the platform using an invitation code that has been issued by another user.

According to the app’s website, the “social internet” of the future will give users more options and creators “independence from platforms”.

However, the software is currently in development and may only be viewed with an invite code.

Website also added and said “We’re building the AT Protocol, a new foundation for social networking that gives creators independence from platforms, developers freedom to build, and users a choice in their experience.”

How Bluesky Works

Like Twitter, Bluesky contains features like followers and following, the ability to generate posts, several categories for postings and responses, and more. The platform now has approximately 25,000 users.

A “composable, customizable marketplace of algorithms that lets you take control of how you spend your attention,” according to Bluesky, which is being marketed as a “decentralised” alternative to Twitter.

Bluesky offers users algorithmic options and contains fundamental tools for monitoring likes or bookmarks, altering tweets, quote-tweeting, direct messages, and utilizing hashtags similar to Twitter.

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