Job Seeker’s Creative Approach Of Applying For Copywriter With 11-Page Pitch Goes Viral

Copywriting is a job that requires an understanding of the mindset of the audience to gain their attention in the right way. In today’s digital world, there are so many ways of expressing your creativity, and a Kolkata-based guy has recently gone viral for the same reason.
The guy named Rohit Sethia posted an 11-page deck on LinkedIn with the caption Hi Swiggy ! Devanshi Dhingra
saw your post that you’re hiring copywriters. here are some of many reasons why you should consider me! looking forward to hearing from you guys! (same excitement se jaise food delivery boy ka krta hu)

In the deck, he wrote some quirky reasons, like not following Swiggy’s competitor Zomato on Instagram but then sharing that he now follows them because “competition you know”. Proving his qualifications of being funny by being an aspiring stand-up comedian, Rohit even explained how his high screen time helps him stay updated with all the trends. He wrapped up his deck hilariously by featuring his Kolkata origins.

Since posting, Rohit has been all over the internet. He has even shared a carousel about the overwhelming response on his Instagram profile.

This LinkedIn post has not only gained the attention of social media users but also Swiggy’s assistant manager, Devanshi Dhingra.

Swiggy Job Rohit

This once again shows us the power of Internet and social media. The world has truly changed and opportunities are everywhere if we have the skills and talent to stand out among the crowd.

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