Keeping TABS On Your Email Marketing

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Keeping TABS On Your Email Marketing Is Critical To Your Success. What do we mean? On a regular basis, I am asked about how to get the best results with email marketing. It’s a great question and one that absolutely deserves an answer. So, I have developed what I call “TABS” and we will take a look at how to succeed with email marketing by keeping TABS on your email marketing activities.

Every day, you should create or see activity in each of these 4 areas:


Driving traffic to your capture page, your blog, your web site should be something you are working on every day. This can be as simple or complex, free or paid. There are a wide range of options available and the wise choice is to take advantage of all of them on a regular basis. These can include:

Social Media
Traffic Exchanges
Safe Lists
Links on biz cards
Links on letterhead
Car lettering
All of your social media profiles
Whatever else you can think of
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