Key insights: OTT, CMOs’ agenda, and consumer engagement in 2021

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Disney+ will pioneer the OTT market with 72.4 million US monthly viewers in 2020 as it marks its first year.
Marketers will need to strategize their ad spend and campaign designs mindfully as ad-free streaming will continue to reign in 2021.
Top five priorities for C-suite will be – Improved productivity, risk management, the transition to digital platforms/technologies, improving customer engagement, and retaining top talent.
81% of CMOs stated to have a crucial impact on the C-suite’s marketing strategy conversations proving that they will take center stage in 2021 and the years to come.
CMOs will be heavily responsible for marketing strategy (81%) and capturing new markets (67%) with a fair share of voice even in the product road map (39%).
Consumers want to purchase from brands that align with their beliefs and are more conscious. In fact, organizations that better align consumers’ values are 2x as likely to outperform peers in revenue growth.
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