Know What Comes Inside The Popular Oscars 2022 Gift Bag

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The Oscar’s every year, is a much-awaited affair of the year. And this time, its extra special, with much hype and fanfare around the coveted goodie bag- “Everyone Wins” gift bag. The Academy Awards have always given away memorabilia and goodies that have been dreamt of by many. And this time’s goodie bags takes the cake, with some incredible gifts and perks.

The gift bag has been put together by Distinctive Assets, a Los Angeles-based marketing Firm, that has been curating these extravagant bags, for the past two decades. According to its founder, Lash Fary, “The gift bags have their own reputation within the entertainment industry. They are a hit not only with the nominees but with their representatives, agents, and managers.”

What’s Inside the Bag?

The Oscar gift bag 2022 has goods worth a whopping $140,000, having 52 items and experiences. Edible gifts in the box includes Ariti extra virgin olive oil infused with edible gold flakes, chocolat… Read More

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