Lead Funnels and How They Work

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Lead Funnels and How They Work

There is a lot of talk about “lead funnels” and for good reason. Setting up an effective lead funnel is critical for any business to succeed. Without leads, you won’t get sales. Without sales, you won’t stay in business. Let’s start with how we identify a lead funnel. In it’s broadest term a lead funnel is anything your business is doing to drive prospects for your offer. Examples of lead funnels would include:

Your Facebook posts
Your Twitter posts
Your Instagram posts
Your Youtube channel
Your Tiktok videos
Your LinkedIn page
Talking to people you meet
Networking events
Print advertising
Your website or blog
TV advertising
Discussion forums
Classified advertising

Each of these, and more, is the very top of any lead funnels you will set up. The goal being to attract attention to your offer. Your posts, your ads, your discussions, s… Read More

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