LinkedIn Voice Messages: one of the most unexplored sales channels

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In 2018, LinkedIn launched a new feature: LinkedIn Voice Messages. This new feature allows users to send 1-minute long voice messages to any connection on LinkedIn.

However, the reason why not a lot of people know about it is because it’s only available in the LinkedIn mobile app. Like some of the best sales leaders in the industry have already understood, this feature can be a great opportunity to stand out and get people’s attention.

Does that mean that you need to open your LinkedIn mobile app whenever you want to reach out to someone? No, this is where things get interesting. To make this feature more accessible and actually leverage it, Amplemarket’s extension recently made it available in the browser!

What makes these messages so relevant to any person selling on LinkedIn? 🧐

How many LinkedIn voice messages have you ever received? Probably not that many (if any). It’s a new channe… Read More

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