Marketers’ big test on Black Friday and beyond

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The loss of traditional Black Friday traffic may be a blow to many marketers, but there is plenty of hope and opportunity. Foot traffic is expected to convert to online traffic, and given the rise of digital shopping holidays like Travel Tuesday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, there is opportunity for every industry to benefit from experimentation.
According to the Black Friday’s Big Test industry report, peak season testing is flat for retailers, and they seem to be relying on the same strategies that worked in previous years — not fully addressing today’s disrupted shopping environment.
It might seem like travel would struggle the most in the COVID-19 era, but data shows some innovative experiments and quick pivots are helping industry marketers sell this season.
This year has brought about a new financial reality for many people. Data shows financial marketers at banks are testing ways to ease customer anxiety, fears centered around money and th… Read More

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