Mastering Google Searches for B2B Prospecting Part 2

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-> Mastering Google Searches for B2B Prospecting Part 1.

Knowing how to use advanced google searches is like a superpower for any sales rep prospecting new customers online.

With simple operators, you can get more relevant results and faster.

Here’s an example that will find you open spreadsheets with data on anything you want in 3 seconds…

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We’ve previously shared a few examples of advanced google searches that entrepreneurs and people in sales can leverage.

After an overwhelming number of people providing positive feedback and sharing how these google searches made their life so much easier, we decided to launch Part #2 – with even more examples.

In this article, we’ll give you more tips for sales-related use cases that any super rep needs to learn in 2021. So, you’ll learn superpowers to efficiently:

Get data about a prospect when you need… Read More

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