Money Is In The List

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If the money is in the list, how do you get the list? You start by building the list. How do you build the list? You add value.

Sometimes, it helps to work the puzzle in reverse.

It’s no secret and no mystery that you want to make money in your business. Even those business owners that tell you it’s not about the money because it’s for a higher purpose know and understand that it will take money to achieve that higher purpose. So, our goal in business is absolutely to make money.

And if we realize that the money is in the list, then we know we absolutely must build the list. So, working backwards from that goal (making money), we need to ask ourselves, “Why would someone give me their money?”. The shortest, simplest, and most honest answer is, “They will give you their money if you help them solve a problem.”. That “problem” can be defined in many ways. Your first steps is to decide what problem you are solvi… Read More

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