My Year in Review: On living with Trade-Offs, Creating a Congruent Brand & Other Lessons

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What to do when you have no time? Or lack the emotional and mental bandwidth to work on your business….

Having an existential crisis about your work and purpose…

The NO#1 thing you need to do to be most productive

I’m sharing all of this in this year-end review post.

This isn’t an income report.

I’ve intentionally removed numbers from this post because I want the focus to be on the insights, observations, and lessons from this year in business.

When I did a review post at the end of 2019, lots of people found it helpful.  And my intention is for this post to be the same!

On having a year of trade-offs

This year was hard on so many levels…

Not just because of huge changes in schedule and the usual way of doing things due to… Read More

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