Nestlé USA drives consumer engagement with cookie coach, AI bot ‘Ruth’

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It’s a pressure cooker situation when marketers are expected to add value to consumer experiences as well as the business in an attention economy
Brands need to scratch beyond the surface to derive consumer insights, win trust, and devise strategies that truly engage consumers
Discover how Nestlé USA unlocked deeper levels of consumer engagement, greater trust, and personalization with the help of an AI-powered cookie coach

Nestlé USA identified an opportunity to evolve their consumers’ baking experiences. The result? A deeply involved approach that got the Nestlé brand closer to its consumers’ day-to-day lives. The company achieved exceptional consumer engagement with average session lengths that are unheard of in marketing.

We spoke with Orchid Bertelsen, Nestlé USA’s head of digital strategy & innovation, to uncover the challenges, strategy, leadership, cutting-edge technology, and teamwork involved in hitting its #MarketingGoals.

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