[New feature] One-click access to Voice Commerce in your Online Store. Connect CDP data, NLP and AI Product Recommendations to Voice Search to deliver next-gen mobile buying experience.

Sourced from: https://blog.salesmanago.com/marketing-automation/new-feature-one-click-access-to-voice-commerce-in-your-online-store-connect-cdp-data-nlp-and-ai-product-recommendations-to-voice-search-to-deliver-next-gen-mobile-buying-experience/



Have you heard about Voice Commerce? According to Visual Thesaurus, people can speak 125 to 150 words per minute, which’s over three times faster than the average typing speed. Because of this inherent human ability, voice search became a new daily habit of our lives. It’s more natural for people to talk than to type or click. If you are still not convinced, as per Search Engine Watch: ‘62% of voice speaker owners have made purchases through their virtual assistant, and 40% of millennials use voice assistants before making online purchases’. Voice search is the future of retrieval, don’t fall behind and implement it in your online store.


Let’s spill the tea: What Voice Commerce is?


Voice Commerce is a modern solution, which makes it possible for site search users to get results by speaking their query instead of typing words. Voice recognition systems follow everyday use of language, so it is a natural… Read More

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