New Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Fuel Growth for Businesses of All Sizes

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How do you make sure your teams are aligned as customers engage across different touchpoints with your business?

Keeping track of all your customers—and providing each with a unique experience—while ensuring sales and marketing are on the same page becomes difficult as your business grows. Sometimes you need more ways to track all those details and keep your teams aligned.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Microsoft and released our direct integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365–now available on Professional and Enterprise ActiveCampaign plans.

Are you already using Microsoft Dynamics 365? You can easily integrate ActiveCampaign with your Dynamics account and use customer experience automation to grow your business—just visit the Microsoft AppSource!

What can you do with the integration?
Close more deals and grow your existing customer base by aligning your teams.

What does it mean to deliver a great customer experience for each customer and pro… Read More

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