No limits, no budget: How Asics built the Eternal Run campaign

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In September 2019 Asics held a unique endurance race, the Eternal Run, in which a group of athletes and high-profile figures raced against themselves rather than one another
The campaign was run on entirely organic lines, with no paid advertising spend
Instead, Asics maintained constant communication with its forums and community groups before, during, and after the event
The campaign has been a huge success with well over one billion impressions and a string of awards
Fiona Berwick, Asics’ head of global marketing communications, talks us through the campaign here

A race with no finish line. That’s how Asics tagged the Eternal Run: a trial that was all about each runner’s personal capacity, rather than a universal objective. Twenty-two participants were given their own target pace, based on their performance in preliminary trials. If they fell beneath that pace three times, they were out. Or, alternatively, they could run forever.

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