Pay Per Click (PPC) Services​

Use pay per click (PPC) to enjoy the broadest reach on the online market at optimal cost. Most digital marketing campaigns take time to begin to see results and measure returns on investment or ROI, usually months. Not for PPC. You get immediate inquiries, calls and purchases with PPC. And the best thing about this strategy is that unless someone clicks on your ads, you don’t have to pay.

What Is Pay Per Click Or PPC?​

PPC involves buying clicks or traffic — very different from getting organic clicks from the results pages of the search engine (SERPs) by optimizing the search engine (SEO). Typically, PPC ads appear on most major search engines in a labeled section or green or yellow box on the SERPs and are separated from normal results. While setting up a budget with the major search engines and offering on a couple of search terms is easy, the results you get may not be worth the money you spend. That’s where KDM – Kinshasa Digital Marketing comes in. We make sure you use your PPC efforts to their full potential.

PPC Management and Advertising Professionals​

Buying clicks and traffic is a sound strategy for getting a listing on the first page, but it needs to be done correctly. PPC works only for those who take the time to properly investigate demographics and keywords, build the right campaign structures, craft advertising, develop landing pages and track ROI. KDM – Kinshasa Digital Marketing is a professional team that calls for PPC to be done correctly. We’re going to help you clarify your goals and build a campaign. We can help you manage it to optimize your cost-per-click and click-through rate if you already have a campaign in place.

PPC Management and Advertising Professionals​

The typical digital marketing agency uses software or tools to manage the accounts of their customers, leaving customers disengaged and clueless. At KDM – Kinshasa Digital Marketing, we will not only use state-of – the-art software and tools, but also take a hands-on approach and perform profound optimization or improvements.

Details Of Product​​


We use the right platform to meet your goals. We will execute Search Campaigns, Google Display Network, Twitter, Gmail and create Remarketing campaigns, depending on the needs of your user.

  • Search Advertising Platform: Yes
  • All Channels (see below): Add $250 (setup)
  • Google Display Network: Add $150 (setup)
  • Facebook (setup): Add $150 (setup)
  • Text Ads: Yes
  • Banner Ads Development (1 packagex 5 sizes[ 300×250,728×90,320×100,468×60,300×600]): Add $149 (max 2 revisions)
 Ad Extensions
 We would use the best ad extensions by evaluating your business and marketing objectives to improve your campaign efficiency and attract the right visitors to your page. 
  • App Extensions
  • Call Extensions
  • Location Extensions
  • Review Extensions
  • Sitelink Extensions
  • Call Extensions

Campaign Setup For Search

Extensive research at the beginning of the campaign allows us to understand your business and to use the right keywords linked to the best ad text to optimize your campaign.

  • Keyword Research: 4 hours
  • Daily Budget Set-up
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Campaign Structuring
  • Ad Copy Creation
  • Ad Extensions
  • Set-up Report

Management Of Campaign Search

We are constantly monitoring and optimizing your campaigns to increase each click’s performance.

  • Bid Optimization: Once a week
  • Auditing
  • Bidding
  • Ad Copy Test (Inclusive in the max number of ad copies in the SLA)
  • Ad Extension Management
  • Keyword Management
  • Negative Keywords
  • Report Analysis
  • Report Generation: Monthly

We use the Google Display Network (including Gmail) and Facebook for other digital media channel options. Images not included.

PPC Small Package - $900/month

Entry level paid acquisition workflow.

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