Product recommendations are not “one size fits all”

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The reopening of stores does not indicate a negative trend for ecommerce because online shopping is a consumer behavior that is here to stay
To experience continued success ecommerce businesses will need to fill digital experiential gaps which is where product recommendations come into play
However, mistaking product recommendations to be a simple “connector” of similar products is a pitfall many businesses currently face
Blueshift’s Director of Product Marketing advises on how personalized product recommendations will be the key to customer engagement and retention

The pandemic has accelerated digital trends across all sectors, from the ways we work to payments to online shopping. However, the move to online shopping was a bit of a ‘forced trend’ as consumers during the height of the pandemic had few options than to turn to ecommerce when brick-and-mortar stores were forced to close.

As the economy and stores reopen it is difficul… Read More

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