Puma’s Grand Gesture For A Cricketer Winning Hearts Online

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Zimbabwe cricketer Ryan Burl recently took to his Twitter to ask someone to sponsor his team with shoes so that they didn’t have to glue them back on every season. The gameplay can get very rough on the field, and like Ryan, other cricketers sometimes have to mend their worn-out shoes due to their small capacity and limited recognition. In a response to his plea, Puma swooped in as the life-saver. How?

This is what Ryan Burl initially posted.

Any chance we can get a sponsor so we don’t have to glue our shoes back after every series @newbalance @NewBalance_SA @NBCricket @ICAssociation pic.twitter.com/HH1hxzPC0m

— Ryan Burl (@ryanburl3) May 22, 2021

Every team from the BCCI isn’t backed by sponsors for their apparel, shoes, and gear. Luckily for Burl, Puma granted his wishes in another tweet.

I can’t wait to join the @pumacricket team! Thanks so much for reaching out <img src="h… Read More

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