Putting the “personal” in personalization

Sourced from: https://www.clickz.com/putting-the-personal-in-personalization/266146/

30-second summary:

Personalized marketing is non-negotiable
While data is essential, the keys to building authentic connections and unlocking optimal results lie with empathy, understanding, and personalization
Michael Collins, CMO and Managing Director at CFA Institute discusses how a personalization mindset can drive business value even across 160 countries

Let’s get personal, or personalized, to be more accurate. Personalization is no longer a “nice to have” strategy as today’s customers demand personalized marketing and won’t settle for less. Whether it’s through empathy, a relationship, or other messaging, personalization must go well beyond addressing your customer by name within an email campaign.

At CFA Institute, we rely heavily on data to improve our targeting and personalization efforts. However, as much as it’s part of our decision-making process, it doesn’t necessarily lead to direct connections with our customers and partners. Tha… Read More

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