Reimagining Doorways to Success: PORTA’s Story



Unattainable results? Not in our book. The synergy between PORTA KMI Poland and SALESmanago is a living testament to that.


Porta has been opening doors across Europe for three decades, not just literally, but also via innovation and design. Porta’s path as a leading Polish brand in door manufacture and distribution reflects a blend of technology and cutting-edge design.


SALESmanago Partnership


In April 2022, Porta embarked on a digital transformation journey by partnering with SALESmanago. Opting for a single-tenant environment, they leveraged SALESmanago’s array of marketing tools despite not operating an eCommerce platform. Their strategy included utilizing eCommerce functionalities, such as recommendation frames, crafted by SALESmanago’s Custom Design Team, to enhance customer engagement.




There are no unattainable results! A well-coordinated and cooperating team is the basis of success and the cooperation between PORTA KMI Poland x SALESmanago is the best proof.


Iryna Maidańska

Senior Marketing Automation Specialist



How SALESmanago Made the Difference.


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