SALESmanago launches The first Zero-Party Data focused Customer Data Platform to help eCommerce Combat Climate Change and help with Data Privacy

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SALESmanago, a leading end-to-end martech platform used by over 3000 mid size eCommerce businesses including New Balance, Converse or Vodafone relaunched it’s Customer Data Platform with a dedicated set of features enabling businesses to gather, manage Zero Party Data. These are data voluntarily left by the customers. They are widely known as the most serious response to the challenges of the new Data Privacy regulations, Data Ethics, removal of cookies as well as the challenges around sustainability of eCommerce. 

According to research made by Accenture, 83 % of respondents are willing to voluntarily share the relevant information about themselves in return for contextualized interactions made by brands. 

“It turns out that gathering data directly from your customers is not only the way to revive the idea of one to one Commerce. Actually, it is the only way to approach the current challenges of data privacy constructively an… Read More

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