Site Tracking is Your Website’s Ears; What are Your Customers Saying?

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This article is a recap of “Growth Decoded” a show that investigates the relationship between the customer experience and business growth — one topic at a time. Register here and conquer the customer experience!

What is Site Tracking?

Site Tracking is a capability that connects your marketing and sales actions to the activity your contacts take across your website. It lets you “listen” and then “respond” in real-time as contacts visit your site and view specific categories and pages.

How to think about Site Tracking:

Picture that you’re in a conversation with someone. When they speak, you listen. You hear what they’re saying, you internalize it, you categorize it, and you file away the information in your brain in their “file” — you remember it.

Let’s say you’re talking to your friend on the phone. They’re telling you all about how much they love this new band.

Then, a few weeks later,… Read More

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