Six Influencers Who Are Helping People Live Sustainably

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Though the concept of zero-waste still seems a fantasy to most of us, there are individuals who are living this term. They are the real heroes who should be followed as it is because of them, the world can still be hoped for as a better place to be. Their practices, ideologies and efforts towards sustainability, are helping make a positive difference, and showing us that it is better to tackle the concept of zero-waste imperfectly, than not do anything about it at all.

Here’s listing six influencers, whose personal journey in practicing a sustainable life, will inspire us.

1. Ripu Daman Bevli

Credited with introducing the concept of plogging in India, environmentalist Ripu Daman started his career with IT companies and also had a stint with sales.
However, with environmentalism always being on top of his mind, he started encouraging plogging, an idea from Sweden that combines jogging with picking up litter. Through Ploggers Of India, he encourages peopl… Read More

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