Supercharge Growth For Your ActiveCampaign Newsletter With A Referral Program Using GrowSurf

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This post was contributed by Kevin Yun of GrowSurf.

Newsletters and referral programs are a match made in heaven.

With email marketing, you get a level of personalization you can’t get from other marketing channels. Combine that with a cost-efficient customer acquisition strategy that is referral marketing, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success.

All is well and good. The problem? Implementing a referral program into a newsletter can be a little tricky – unless you use the combined power of GrowSurf and ActiveCampaign.

Without the dynamic duo creating a unique referral link for each subscriber can be tedious and time-consuming. Not to mention having to keep track of who referred who, how many referrals were made, how much was rewarded, and who knows what else.

Sure, building an in-house referral program software might help, but that could only place a huge drain on your resources, time, and sanity. Worse, you … Read More

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