Tata Motors Takes A Fresh Route By Promoting Intra V20 With Ads In Hindi And Gujarati Language

Tata Motors, India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, has leveled up the industry benchmarks with the launch of their new commercial vehicle named Intra V20. It is India’s first bi-fuel pickup that runs on both petrol and CNG and offers a long driving range. It is equipped with the new BSVI-compliant DI engine. In addition to this, it also provides huge mileage, excellent comfort, and a large loading capacity.
Tata Motors

With its advanced design, Intra V20 offers additional space, better seating ergonomics, and low NVH for comfortable long drives. Intra V20 also has telematics-enabled superior tracking, which helps in, location tracking, and vehicle performance tracking.

Considering the sustainability factor, Intra V20 has been made to ensure a healthier and greener environment for future generations. The whole Intra range by Tata Motors has been winning the hearts of customers across the country.

Providing all these extraordinary features at a low maintenance cost, Tata Motors has focused on the profitability of its customers. Interestingly, the vehicle has been promoted with some interactive ads showing all the features in an informative manner.

The language of these ads has been kept Hindi and Gujarati so that they can connect better with the target audience.

All these features have been smartly highlighted to create a direct and strong connection with the viewers. With a product that can solve multiple problems for small commercial vehicle owners, both the vehicle and the ads have hit all the right chords to create a huge buzz in the market.

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