Telegram Takes On Clubhouse With These New Features

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Telegram is a popular rival to WhatsApp, having gained a spike in its popularity after WhatsApp’s recent privacy concerns. The app has now enabled voice chat features, which claim to make it better than Clubhouse as well. If you recall, Clubhouse is an invite-only app that is available on iOS and also being rolled out to Android soon. Some of our most favorite celebrities are already a part of it.

With the new voice chat feature on Telegram, the platform wants to make communication better across all of its channels. Hence, these new features will work towards enhancing the experience and users will surely make the move in the coming days.

Record Chats

If all the members cannot join a live chat, admins have the capacity to record the voice calls and publish them later for everyone’s convenience. There will also be a red light indicating that the speaker’s chat is being recorded.

Speak in-between Live Chats

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