The 9 Best HubSpot Email Marketing Tools That Help Support Best Practices and Drive Results

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How many marketing emails are currently in your inbox? And how many times have you interacted with a business because of one of those communications? The fact remains that while it’s common for people to delete marketing messages without reading them, it’s still also true that they’ve resulted in inquiries for more information and sometimes even new purchases.

Knowing this dichotomy means that whenever you send your own marketing emails, they could go ignored — or they could bring more leads to your proverbial door. And to ensure the highest likelihood of the latter, you want to make sure you’re using effective email marketing tools. This is where HubSpot can help you stand out from the competition.

Why Email Marketing Is So Effective

Email marketing is effective for many reasons:

It can be tailored to the readers’ individual needs
They get to read it at a time when it’s convenient for them
You can use it as educational, promotional, or reengagement … Read More

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