The five latest Google Ads features and how to make the most of them

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Make no mistake, Google Shopping is still mostly a paid PPC channel, but you can also enjoy its free traffic
Video and display formats are not the type of ad you think of when it comes to online acquisition. They are more popular for brand awareness and influence targets
All conversions are not born equal. When it comes to acquisition channels, a purchase on your site from a new customer has more value than one from a returning one
In these days and times it is easy to forget that most of the business still happens offline and that zoom calls and online shopping are not all there is to life. Yet offline conversions tracking are not always taken into account
With Gallery Ads Google offers a new ad format integrated into the Search Network. As these ad formats are for mobile displays only, their dimensions enable advertisers to make a stronger impact than with a text ad.

Google released new smart features and ways to buy ads on its different channels. They allow… Read More

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